Meet The Space


The Space is a manufacturer that commits itself to optimizing people’s cooking space with innovative products and technologies related to cooking and food saving. Based in Singapore, it now provides the global market with premium sous vide cookers, compostable food bags, and other products.


Mission with innovation

The Space is built with innovation in mind. The core members of The Space are experts who have been in the industry for over a decade and developed great insights about products and user experience. The Space is built to revolutionize people’s cooking space with innovative products.



A new way to cook sous vide.

With innovative features designed to streamline your culinary experience, Neovide offers unparalleled convenience and precision to both home and professional chefs alike.

Biodegradable Vacuum Bags

We are one of the first manufacturers that passed the test of certification in both EU and the U.S. for this category. We offer to the market three types of compostable vacuum sealer bags: embossed bag rolls, pre-cut embossed bags, and pre-cut flat bags.

Enjoy the same vacuum sealing convenience as with traditional plastic bags, but with the added benefit of minimizing your environmental impact.